Colonial Granite

Hard Work, Clear Vision & Value for the Customer

Apprenticed into the Trade in 1997, I have over 23 years of Experience in the Natural Stone Industry. Back then there were only 3 Granite Countertop companies in Central Virginia as a whole, now there are over 30. The advantage I hold over my competitors is Experience. Having more experience than 99% percent of the local Granite businesses my customers have a unique advantage by working with me. I started out on the Bridge Saw learning how to cut all types of Natural Stone into shapes and sizes for a variety of applications from Kitchens to Pavers and everything in between. I then moved on to Hands on fabrication where I learned to Polish stones, make sink cutouts etc. Finally I got to learn Installation and Templating and that is when really fell in love with the business. Seeing the look on the Homeowners face after we finished installation and the Joy it brought to them was a truly amazing feeling. After working for several companies in my tenure I decided to finally go out on my own. I learned a lot about customer Service during those years. So when I opened Colonial Granite in 2010 that was always my main focus, SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. Our customers are spending a nice amount of money with us and we want EVERYONE to be completely satisfied. You as a consumer have many choices of where to shop these days, I mean you have guys making countertops in their backyards now. Do yourself a
favor, Call Us First. You deserve the Best Value, Customer Service and Products available. So give me a call on my personal cell phone anytime to discuss your project. I am more than happy to answer any and
every question you may have. The only silly questions are the ones not asked!

All the Best, Lloyd Baldwin