State of the art cutting saw and equipment

We can fabricate and install anything and everything from marble counter tops, granite counter tops,
natural stone tabletops, and beyond.

Our experienced natural stone craftsmen are standing by to install your new counter tops.
Experienced technicians produce templates for your granite counter tops. From these templates, the
granite slabs are cut by diamond blades on a large bridge saw. Once the granite slab has been cut, it is
polished by hand as well as a large edge-polishing machine. The granite is delivered to your location
and installed by trained installers to fit beautifully into your kitchen or bathroom or any project that
you request.


Professional Installers

Regardless of the beauty of the stone you’ve chosen or the intricacy of the design you’ve
developed, it’ll all fall apart if the installation of your new granite, marble, Quartz or any
Natural Stone countertops is mediocre. The quality of an installation job is integral to the
overall look of your project, and we at Colonial Granite work hard to provide you with the
ultimate final product.

Our quality, our products, and our services are what make Colonial Granite stand out from
the competition. If you’re a contractor or a homeowner looking for a quick yet high-quality
turnaround we can help.

We understand that the results of your stone project is important to you, and that’s why our
installation professionals are personally trained in-house to ensure your project turns out
exactly how you envisioned it. Our installers provide you with quality installation, and more in
a timely fashion by working closely with our fabrication team.

In order to ensure the lowest prices possible and the highest quality of service, we ask that
you complete the following steps prior to California Marble And Stone arriving at your home
to install your project.