Mair Downing Soapstone Countertops Richmond

A recent project completed for the Downing’s in soapstone Countertops in Richmond

I am not a stranger to renovations. In fact, I’ve sweated through several countertop revitalization projects. For some reason, they can be fraught with issues from template to install.

I had an amazing experience with Colonial Granite. Kristi, our designer and rep was professional, communicative, responsive and extremely helpful when I honestly just couldn’t make up my mind. She took the time to get to know me and our style. Then we went on a road trip and she patiently walked through every aisle while I touched and photographed slab after slab. (She even went back when I had selector’s remorse.)

In the end, we got an out-of-the-box, dazzling slab of soapstone that makes me now want to redo every other countertop in the whole house. (The burden of one beautiful substrate can make the rest of the home lackluster.)

When we decided the old stove was just too hideous to be nestled among the new countertops, they came back and helped us finish it out so that the new one blended perfectly. What company does that???

These guys do.

To me, a customer who’s experienced a litany of bad service in this industry, I was BLOWN AWAY by the accountability, customer service and quality demonstrated by Colonial Granite. I’ve already recommended them once already and I plan to do it every chance I get.