Dakar Quartzite Countertops Full Height Splash

A Kitchen Makeover: Saying Goodbye to the Past, Welcoming the Future with Dakar Quartzite Full Height Splash

Have you ever wondered how a simple change can transform the heart of your home? Well, that’s exactly what happened in our recent kitchen project, where we bid farewell to the old and embraced the new with Dakar Quartzite Full Height Splash. Join us on this journey of renovation, executed by the skilled hands of Colonial Granite Works, as we explore the magic of this makeover.

Out with the Old:

Our kitchen once boasted the classic charm of Baltic Brown granite and the warmth of butcher block countertops. While these materials had served us well over the years, it was time for a refreshing change. The dated aesthetic and wear and tear prompted us to seek a modern and durable alternative.

In with the New:

Enter Dakar Quartzite Full Height Splash – a game-changer in kitchen aesthetics. Colonial Granite Works, with their expertise in crafting dream spaces, recommended this exquisite material to breathe new life into our culinary haven.






Dakar Quartzite, with its natural elegance and durability, became the focal point of our kitchen’s transformation.

Its subtle yet captivating patterns, ranging from sandy hues to rich earthy tones, added a touch of sophistication that instantly modernized the entire space.

Project Highlights:

Colonial Granite Works took the reins of this project, ensuring a seamless transition from the old to the new. The installation of the Dakar Quartzite Full Height Splash not only elevated the aesthetics but also brought practical benefits to our kitchen. The non-porous surface of quartzite ensures easy maintenance, resisting stains and spills – a significant upgrade from our previous countertops.

The full-height splash, extending from countertop to ceiling, created a cohesive and visually stunning backdrop. This design choice not only showcased the beauty of Dakar Quartzite but also makes the kitchen feel more spacious and luxurious.

The kitchen is now a testament to the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics, thanks to the timeless beauty of Dakar Quartzite and the expertise of Colonial Granite Works.